AC BUSINESS: Registering (teaching) RFID tags

AC BUSINESS: Registering (teaching) RFID tags

To register RFID tags for an AC Business EV charging box, you will need a LAN connection to the web server of the EV charging box. Read the knowledge article to learn how to do so AC BUSINESS: connecting to the web server.

To register an RFID tag, you will need its UID. This can be scanned on the interaction interface of the EV charging box and transmitted to the web server. If this is not possible because the RFID tag is somewhere else, you can read out the UID with an app (such as NFC Tools) and enter it manually in the web server.

  • Open the Card Reader tab in the web server.
  • Ensure that the option Auto Refresh is deactivated (no tick mark).
  • Hold the RFID tag in front of the interaction interface of the EV charging box to scan it.
  • Reload the web server (Refresh in browser).
  • The UID of the last scanned RFID tag will be displayed in the top field (Last card) of the white list.1)
  • Copy the UID and enter it into a free field in the right column, or enter the UID determined by the app there.
  • To better identify the EV charging box, enter a name in the field to the left of the UID.

Tick the box to the right of the UID and click Save. This process must be repeated in exactly this order for each individual UID:

  • Scan tag
  • Refresh page
  • (Copy and) enter UID in a free field, enter name if necessary
  • Tick box
  • Click Save

1) If the UID is not detected by the EV charging box and not displayed in the Last card field, please check to ensure the communication parameters are set correctly:

Activate RFID Enable and Disable autom. Detection (tick both boxes).

Enter the following values:

  • 115200 or 38400 for Baud Rate
  • 1 for Card Reader Address
  • 17 for Card Data Address
  • 16 for Card Data #Register
  • 0 for Buzzer Coil Address

Click submit to accept the entries.

Access the Status page and click restart.

Now you can scan the UID of the RFID tag on the EV charging box.

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