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Terminal blocks


The first terminal blocks with innovative SNAP IN technology

SNAP INto the future with Klippon® Connect

Time is money. For this reason, installation work in control cabinet construction must be carried out ever faster, preferably automated. At the same time, the connections should be permanently reliable, safe, and easy to maintain.


Klippon® Connect A series with side PUSH IN connection technology

Combining the advantages of proven connection technologies

Decentralised systems save space in the control cabinet, but the components have to be installed in small, flat distribution boxes. This leads to new wiring challenges.


Klippon® Connect terminal blocks W2C and W2T

More flexibility for signal wiring and potential distribution

Automation in the process industry requires flexible solutions for complex production processes. Your circuit diagrams are no less complex and often undergo changes shortly before the end. With our new range of DCS marshalling terminal blocks you can solve these challenges.


Klippon® Connect A-Series with side PUSH IN connection technology

Reliable and efficient power subbly

In today’s control cabinet construction, space and wiring time must continually be reduced to remain competitive. Klippon® Connect high-current terminal blocks are a proven solution to achieve this goal.

The modular and flexible terminal block plug-in system WeiCoS

Klippon® Connect pluggable terminal blocks for 4 plugs in 1.5 mm² and 2.5 mm²

Ein Klick zur Perfektion

Klippon® RailSnapper for direct DIN rail installation

The Klippon® RailSnapper: Your key to simple and secure fastening of your DIN rail. With the clever click mechanism, which is ensured by wing screws, we offer you maximum security for DIN rail mounting.


PCB terminals and connectors


OMNIMATE® 4.0 device interfaces for power, signals, and data

Configure hybrid connectors easily and modularly

Digital networking in the Industrial IoT is growing continuously. As a result, devices in different application areas more and more require many different interfaces for energy, signals, and data.


OMNIMATE® 4.0 PCB plug-in terminals with SNAP IN technology

Connect devices more efficiently – Fast. Flexible. Digital.

Trendsetting connection solutions are reliable, flexible and enable automated wiring processes. OMNIMATE® 4.0 SNAP IN PCB plug-in terminals stand for efficient wiring and signal transmission in many industrial sectors.

Enclosure systems and components

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