Building Infrastructure

Solutions for the specific requirements of building infrastructure

Building Infrastructure

Complete installation quickly, safely, and in accordance with standards

A large number of standards and regulations govern the building industry. As a result, high safety standards must be met for electrical installations. Due to increasing time pressures and a growing lack of trained professionals in the electrical industry, these installations also need to be completed in an ever faster, simpler, and more economical fashion. We offer you a comprehensive range of installation products and solutions for building infrastructure that are precisely tailored to these specific requirements.

Your benefits at a glance



We offer you state-of-the-art products and solutions for sustainable energy generation, as well as for power distribution and building charging infrastructure.



All of our connection technologies and connectivity solutions can be installed in a quick, space-saving, and economical fashion in everyday work. They are robust and offer long-term reliability.

Standard conformant

Standard conformant

Our devices and connectivity solutions conform to all applicable standards and guidelines. They ensure the highest possible safety during installation and in operation.

Building distribution boards


Ideally equipped for every work phase

Efficient and safe work processes are essential for high competitiveness and long-term success. We support you in every phase of your work with optimally tailored solutions for your workshop. Based on years of experience in panel building, we will enable you in speeding up your work processes and increasing your quality through effective utilisation of our comprehensive portfolio.



With our software solutions for labelling (MPrint® PRO), semi-automated cable assembly (WPC-Tool) and configuration (WMC), you are perfectly positioned in every project phase. Thanks to interfaces to your eCAD system, you profit from the fastest data transfer from planning through to commissioning.



We offer tools in certified premium quality, as well as stripping and crimping machines with intuitive operation. A perfectly tailored marking system facilitates time-saving, secure installation. In addition, there are professional hand tools which we also offer you as economical complete sets together with the matching accessories.



For example, our extensive range of measuring and testing tools provides you with dependable support for troubleshooting. Seamless marking of all panel components and the consistent availability of digital data simplify and speed up maintenance work. This helps you reduce downtimes and increase the efficiency of your process steps.


Install rooftop PV systems quickly and safely

We offer a comprehensive range of products to ensure you can install your system easily. These include combiner boxes, surge protection systems, connectors, tools, and components for installing and protecting your rooftop PV system. All of our products are standardised, and were developed to make your installation projects simpler, faster, and safer.


Simply charge and go – forward-thinking charging concepts

To make electro-mobility a reality for everyone as quickly as possible, everyday charging concepts need to be implemented for a wide range of applications. Based on the needs of our customers, we have developed charging stations that stand out for their high economic efficiency, good charging speeds, and appealing appearance. The systems are suitable for use in both residential and commercial areas.

Charge. Change the future.


Intuitive - The perfect EV charging box for your home.

Smart & secure charging solutions.


Secure - No overloading when installing multiple EV charging boxes.

smart connected charging solutions


Efficient - Fast charging through intelligent power distribution.

AC charging cables and components

We also offer a comprehensive portfolio of robust, ergonomically designed charging cables for our charging solutions, with type 1 or type 2 pin arrangements. Cables are available for you in smooth and spiral designs, in lengths between five and ten meters, along with other accessory components.


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