PV Next – combiner boxes of a new generation

With PV Next, Weidmüller offers the world's first combiner box concept based on a standardised printed circuit board design.

This concept is not only very robust, but also reduces the use of materials such as copper and plastic by 25%. At the same time, the design enables an easy, fast and safe installation. The integrated PUSH IN technology, for example, reduces installation times and minimises the risk of errors and the resulting consequences.

Many different variants for commercial and residential buildings from stock

PV Next protects the PV system against overvoltages and short circuits and also offers the option of combining strings. The various designs are done to protect all string inverters available in the European market. Find the matching combiner box for the most common inverter types below or find more variants in our Combiner Box Product Selector.

German Design Award Gold for PV Next

Our flexible and compact PV Next combiner box was awarded the German Design Award 2023 in Gold. The modular design, the safe thermal and mechanical functionality of all components and the flexible connection types are just some of the advantages that make installation, maintenance and monitoring with PV Next easy.

Product innovations


PV next Fireman Switch with overvoltage protection

Combining PV strings, protection against overvoltage and automatic shutdown in case of fire

The PV Next Fireman Switch automatically disconnects PV modules from the grid in case of fire.

  • Simple and space-saving installation
  • Energy-saving, fully autonomous switching on and off
  • Efficient combination of strings with cable savings of up to 50 %
  • Standard variants available from stock, further variants available within 6 weeks
  • Two functions, one compact design: variants with integrated overvoltage protection

PV Next Mini 2MPP

Compact DC combiner box variants for rooftop applications

The new product variants combine all advantages of our PV Next range with a particularly space-saving design.

  • Particularly compact dimensions for space-saving installation
  • Core range immediately available from stock
  • Suitable solutions for all inverter types in Europe
  • 15 A pro Sting / 1100 V

Your benefits at a glance



The unique PCB design allows quick and easy integration of additional functions. For example, a switch can be integrated or a second MPPT can be connected directly to the first PCB.



With the PUSH IN connection technology, PV-Next offers the most straightforward and safest connection concept for cabling. The installation can be carried out without crimping and without special tools.



The intuitive design and PUSH IN connection technology make installation safer and quality assurance easier. The risk of screw connections with incorrect torque is eliminated, which is one of the main risks for fires.

Combiner Boxes - The most innovative concept for string inverters

Fits for all inverter types

The product portfolio is designed for the protection of string inverters with 1 to 12 MPP trackers and so covers all common inverters available on the market.

Fused and non-fused

The fused version is optional for protection of the panels from reverse current. The pcb without additional fuses is slimmer.

Surge protection

All boxes are protecting your panels or inverters from surges. Our standard protection on the pcb are arresters in type 1.

PUSH IN connection on board

The integrated maintenance free PUSH IN technology for the inputs/ outputs significantly reduces working time and error susceptibility.

Plug & Play connection

Choose the WM4 C connection for the ready-to-use box and reduce your operation time significantly. The other option is to choose cable glands and do your individual cabeling.

Switch on request

For many solar engineers it is important to have a switch on the box. In other regions it is not necessary. Your choice!

Variabel string bundeling

With our cable grafting variants, you can decide for yourself whether you want to bundle the strings together or whether you want to remove the same number again. The sealing set that is included covers both possibilities.

Protects all demands

From 2IN, over 2MPPT up to 6MPPT or 6IN-1OUT up to 6IN-6OUT - we can now protect every need with our boxes.

Selection guides for combiner boxes and practical tips

Are you looking for solutions to increase the efficiency of your photovoltaic installation projects? Here we give you an overview of the right products for reliable protection in commercial and residential buildings. Learn more about our PV combiner boxes, surge protection, tools and the fitting products for different inverter types.

Combiner box. Easy. Fast. Safe.

Combiner box. Easy. Fast. Safe.

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Weidmüller PV solutions for rooftop installations - our contribution and offering at a glance.

Efficiency with a standardized, extendable design Product innovation

PV Next is the first combiner box worldwide based on a standardised printed circuit board design.

The standardised concept leads to learning effects for the installer. Customizing is not necessary and project times are shortened. Easy. Fast. And safe.

Efficiency with a standardized, extendable design
The new benchmark for residential and commercial combiner boxes
  • Scalable and extensible design
  • Easy installation without crimping and without special tools
  • Avoidance of wrong connections and reduction of risks
  • Portfolio is always available
  • Simplicity + time savings + security = reduction of the total costs of ownership

The PV Next combiner boxes trailer

The PV Next combiner boxes trailer

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PV Next is the new benchmark for residential and commercial combiner boxes. Experience how it works easy, fast and safe!

Trust in tested quality

Our laboratory ensures the highest product quality

Our laboratory is accredited in accordance with international standards. It operates independently and is recognised by institutions, registration services, and other institutions and authorities. As a member of the CTDP program, Weidmüller is regularly audited by UL, especially regarding test methods, quality management and documentation.

PV Next combiner boxes are tested according to IEC 6 1439-1/2. This ensures that each of the requirements of the target application is fully met.

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