Weidmüller - Your Partner in Industrial Connectivity

Together with our customers, we shape the digital transformation - with products, solutions and services for Smart Industrial Connectivity and the Industrial Internet of Things

Weidmüller - Your Partner in Industrial Connectivity

Family owned company since 1850

As experienced experts we support our customers and partners around the world with products, solutions and services in the industrial environment of power, signal and data. We are at home in their industries and markets and know the technological challenges of tomorrow. We are therefore continuously developing innovative, sustainable and useful solutions for their individual needs. Together we set standards in Industrial Connectivity.

We see ourselves as pioneers in digitalization - both in our own production and in the development of products, solutions and services for our customers. We support our customers in the digital transformation and are partners in the distribution of power, signals and data as well as in the establishment of new business models.

Executive Board of the Weidmüller Group

Who we are

Be it automobile manufacturing, electricity production or water management - hardly any of today’s industries can do without electronics and electrical connectivity. In this internationalised, technologically changing world, the complexity of requirements is rapidly increasing due to the emergence of new markets. New, more varied challenges have to be overcome, and the solutions to them will not be found in high-tech products alone. Connectivity is the key, whether it involves power, signals and data, demands and solutions or theory and practice. Industrial Connectivity needs connections. And that’s precisely what we stand for.

Facts and Figures

Did you know that Weidmüller has stood for Service, Competence and Reliability since 1850? Or that we are represented in 80 countries all around the world? It is important for us that you not only know our products and solutions but that you also know our values, our roots and our culture. Because it is these connections that make us into your Industrial Connectivity partner.

Our Management

Our Executive Board stands for competence, experience and reliability and controls the success of the family owned company from the headquarters in Detmold.

Corporate Responsibility

We work in a sustainable way, in order to pass on the company and the environment to the next generation, in a successful and healthy condition. Integrated and value-oriented sustainability management is firmly rooted in our company.

Weidmüller Academy

Networking knowledge and broadening horizons - Since 2003, the Weidmüller Group has been merging all activities relating to education in the Weidmüller Academy.

Human Resources

At Weidmüller, we are aware that the performance of a company is largely dependent on the people in the company.


To us, “Let’s connect” stands for bridging distances. Bringing together people and know-how. Connecting markets. Physically and intellectually. As a market leader in Industrial Connectivity we are at home in all markets of the world, doing exactly that.