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u-control M3000 & M4000

Combining OT and IT in perfection

In the course of automation, more and more physical devices are being integrated into networks. This is driving the trend towards convergence of IT and OT systems. The new modular u-control M3000 and M4000 control systems point the way to the future.


IoT-Gateway: additional approval for USA, Canada and Australia

Reliably transmitting data worldwide

In order to benefit from the advantages of the IIoT, reliable data exchange must always be possible – even in plants without sufficient network connection. Mobile-capable IoT gateways with high 4G transmission performance and international approvals are the best solution.


u-OS – the open Operating System for Industial IoT and automation

Independence and flexibility for your machines and facilities

u-OS combines automation with the possibilities of the Industrial IoT on just one device and is therefore "edge-ready". It allows fast and efficient data pre-processing directly at the machine as well as precise control of the machine.

I/O Systems


u-remote: PWM module in IP20

Reliably control small motors and valves

If analogue devices need to be controlled with digital circuits, pulse width modulation (PWM) modules are a suitable solution. Our current-controlled PWM modules are available as a supplement for u-remote systems.

Engineering & Visualisation Tools


CODESYS® – the complete runtime system for u-OS

Use your own automation solutions on Weidmüller hardware

Automation solutions need to run reliably on all hardware platforms in use. CODESYS® offers a fully comprehensive development environment for programmable logic controllers according to the IEC 611313-3 standard.

Industrial Ethernet


Layer 3 Switch

Enable cross-network VLAN or IP communication

Ethernet switches normally operate within a single LAN network. Layer 3 switches, on the other hand, can also process IP traffic and communicate in different networks.

Measuring and Monitoring systems


u-sense Sensors

Enable cross-network VLAN or IP communication

Knowledge is power - with our Industrial IoT sensors you can record important device data of your existing and new equipment with regard to mechanical and electrical variables. As a result you gain valuable information for important decisions regarding the operation and maintenance of your plants.

Remote Access & Cloud-Services


easyConnect – the new industrial service platform from Weidmüller

Simply generate added value with data

easyConnect is the future-proof tool for utilising the possibilities of the IloT to generate real added value. The new cloud-based platform bundles all of Weidmüller's digital services in one central location.

Automated machine learning

Create, configure, and use machine learning models yourself

AutoML ModelRuntime for flexible use in the cloud or on-premise

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