Reliable protection and easy handling

Our sensor actuator boxes are equipped with metal threaded rings as standard. This ensures a particularly secure screw connection. The portfolio includes M8 and M12 distribution boxes in plastic and metal. We also develop customised variants according to your individual specifications.

Clever design for easy handling

Clever design for easy handling

Our smart features such as the hood design with integrated self-assembled connector set new standards.

High-quality materials

High-quality materials

Fully encapsulated sensor actuator boxes made of high-quality materials and with state-of-the-art production processes.

Certified for worldwide use

Certified for worldwide use

As a premium manufacturer we guarantee the certification of our products according to worldwide standards and norms.

Product range of our sensor actuator boxes

M8 hood distribution boxes with PUSH IN connection Product innovation

Wire devices in the field efficiently in the smallest of spaces

The new M8 hood distribution boxes are extremely compact and offer a user-friendly PUSH IN connection. This enables particularly fast, safe, and efficient cabling in the field. We provide you with a modular system for our hood distribution boxes. In addition to complete distribution boxes, you will also find assembled hoods, empty hoods, and base parts. Due to the broad product portfolio, a suitable solution is available for every application.

M8 hood distribution boxes with PUSH IN connection
  • Compact design with M8 I/O sockets
  • Available as 4-, 6-, 8-, and 10-way distribution boxes
  • UL approval
  • 4, 6, 8 or 10 I/O ports
  • Modular design with complete distribution boxes, base parts and hoods

Sensor actuator boxes M12

Used wherever excellent handling is to be combined with rational plug-and-play operation. The sensor actuator family with its hood version with metal threaded rings offers sufficient safety.

  • Compact terminal block
  • Extremely small M12 line distribution boxes
  • IDC connection for direct connection of the sensor cables

Sensor actuator boxes M8

Best solution to collect fast and compact information outside the cabinet. In addition, we offer the patented modules with inclined M8 outlets, which ensures the best possible accessibility.

  • Optimal handling
  • Very small dimensions with the line version
  • Patented distributor with side outlets

Sensor actuator logic distribution boxes

Four signals at a time are combined either via an AND or an OR circuit. A four-pin M12 connector transmits the data. Only one input for a maximum of four sensors is required on the PLC.

  • Available with AND circuit or with an AND and an OR circuit
  • Particularly space-saving design
  • Available in two sizes: with either four-way or eight-way M8 distributon boxes

Assembly tools

EX-i distribution boxes

  • Easy to install and can be used directly in the EX-i zone 1 areas
  • Only the usual barrier has to be installed in advance
  • Available in all conceivable forms and configurations

Bolting tool Screwty® for M8, M12 and M23

  • Universal tool for tightening on all common sensor and actuator cables
  • Simply turn the tool to tighten or release the plug in connector
  • An adjustable torque fitting is available, for extra reliability

Perfect complements


We provide you with information on our sensor actuator boxes for download. Download our product catalogue for sensor-actuator cabling and circular connectors or our portfolio overview for FieldPower® distribution boxes for power transmission to find exactly the distribution box you need.

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