Comprehensive circular connectivity solutions

In an increasingly digital environment, the reliable transmission of power, signals and data requires the rapid availability of standardised cabling solutions and the development of individual special cables. Irrespective of whether you require signal cables for sensor lines or data cables for Ethernet lines with different mating profiles – Weidmüller offers the right solution for every field of application.

Also our extensive range of IP-protected circular connectors in sizes M8, M12, M16, M23, and 7/8" ensures the reliable cabling of your system. During development, we always concentrate on efficient and cost-effective assembly and installation concepts. In this way, we offer sophisticated products and set global standards in terms of functionality and quality. Our field-attachable circular connectors are available with a variety of connection techniques, including screw, tension spring, IDC, PUSH IN, crimp or solder connection technologies.

Comprehensive assortment

Comprehensive assortment

Our product portfolio includes all relevant circular connectors for industrial applications

100 % reliable connection

100 % reliable connection

Circular plugs: Designed, tested, and manufactured for the highest requirements

Certified for worldwide use

Certified for worldwide use

The circular connectors meet the high requirements of worldwide standardisation

Circular plugs product range

M8 and M12 connectors

  • Field attachable connectors with tension clamp, screw termination, crimp and IDC technology
  • Available in shielded and nonshielded, straight and angled versions
  • Available Codings: -A,-B,-D,-X

M12 Power connectors

  • High power transmission without any problems
  • Available Codings: -K,-L,-S,-T
  • Power-coded M12 connectors designed for the transmission of up to 630V AC or 60 V DC and 16 A

M23 connectors

  • Easy handling and a high security
  • High mating cycles, high current carrying capacity and a high contact density
  • Connector with compact design

7/8“ plug-in connectors

  • Low number of pins and sturdy construction
  • Connectors available with different numbers of poles
  • Suitable wall bushings and cord sets available

M8 and M12 PCB connectors

  • All PCB connectors are suitable for reflow soldering
  • Available in different variants for different soldering methods
  • Optimise proven standards while making it easy and convenient to configure IP6x devices

Assembly tools for plug connectors

Screwty® for M8, M12 and M23 plugs

  • Universal tool for tightening on all common sensor and actuator cables
  • Simply turn the tool to tighten or release the plug in connector
  • An adjustable torque fitting is available, for extra reliability

Professional tools for the highest demands in use

  • A product range designed to work together, for perfect results
  • Tools for cutting, stripping, crimping, testing and screwing
  • Consistent processing quality at all times


Free 72h sample service

Order design-in samples of your circular plugs quickly and easily: Use the free 72-hour sample service! We deliver your industrial connector samples to the desired location within 72 hours.

Product configurator

The configurator enables you to create SAI cord sets individually according to your requirements and specifications. You can configure cord sets that are identical at both ends, have two different connectors, or with one end left open.

Handling videos for smooth industrial connector assembly

Handling videos for smooth industrial connector assembly

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You can find a range of useful handling videos on the use of our connectors and exciting company insights on our YouTube channel. Have a look and subscribe to our channel today!

Perfect complements for industrial connectors

Single Pair Ethernet

Industrial plants are becoming increasingly digitalized, which means that conventional Ethernet cabling for sensors and control units is no longer sufficient. In developing new industry standards, Weidmüller relies on the innovative Single Pair Ethernet technology. Single Pair Ethernet enables the end-to-end connection of a large number of devices in the Industrial IoT, from the sensor to the cloud.


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