Charging box family AC SMART

Smart charging solutions for individual challenges

Charging box family AC SMART

Charge for the change

The new charging box family AC SMART is ready for any application scenario in the private and commercial sector. The platform-based charging concept with its basic equipment in three lines ECO, VALUE and ADVANCED covers the most common applications and can be adapted to individual applications by means of standardised interfaces and versatile configuration options.

Explore smarter charging solutions for individual electromobility challenges through our AC SMART Mobile App

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Charge for the change: PV surplus charging for a sustainable future

With our charging boxes AC SMART VALUE and AC SMART ADVANCED, PV surplus charging can be implemented with ease. Whether in direct communication between the wallbox and the inverter or with the help of a energy meter: we have the right solution for you. With our app, you can then easily control which kind of power you want to charge at any given time.

Simple & fast installation

The design and realisation of the AC SMART product family not only took into account the wishes and needs of the operators and users of charging infrastructure, but also those who have to install and maintain this infrastructure.

Advantages of the AC SMART family

  • Installation- and maintenance-friendly design
  • Simple access options to the charging station
  • Greater efficiency over the entire life cycle
  • Simpler and faster installation and maintenance
  • Minimised potential for errors
  • Durability and expandability of the charging station

German Design Award Special 2023

Our AC SMART wallbox family was honoured with the German Design Award Special 2023. The installation and maintenance-friendly design, easy access to the charging station and high efficiency over the entire life cycle are just some of the advantages offered by the AC SMART family.

The perfect solution for every application

Charge. Change the future.


Intuitive - The perfect wallbox for charging your electric vehicles at home.

Smart & secure charging solutions.


Secure - No overloading when installing multiple EV charging boxes.

smart connected charging solutions


Efficient - Fast charging through intelligent power distribution.

For your home

Intuitive - The perfect wallbox for charging your electric vehicles at home.

The AC SMART ECO is the efficient stand-alone wallbox for your home. Easy to handle, safe and robust in operation, adaptable to individual needs and framework conditions.


The AC SMART ECO can be integrated easily and efficiently into existing environments and saves cost-intensive renovations of the of the building's electrical installation. The charging box can be networked via interfaces with any existing building automation system to charge your electric car effectively.

  • Stand alone charging box
  • Max. charging power from 7.4 to 22 kW
  • Power connection: 1-phase 230 V / 32 A, 3-phase 400 V / 16 A or 32 A
  • Type 2 socket or attached 5 m Type 2 charging cable
  • Status and configuration by app and integrated web server

For multi-family houses

Secure - No overloading when installing multiple EV charging boxes.

The AC SMART VALUE charging box is the ideal solution for charging electric cars for private multi-family homes or properties with multiple parking spaces. For fixed allocation of individual charging points or to prevent unauthorised access, user authentication can be activated via RFID/NFC or a mobile app.


The integrated static load management prevents overloading of the existing electrical installation and efficiently distributes the available resources to all connected EV charging boxes. Through the integrated energy measurement, consumption data can be recorded and, if necessary, transmitted and processed via the mobile app or the local network. Integration into an already existing building automation system is also possible in order to realise a network-based bidirectional charging control.

  • Switch functionality to connect several charging boxes in line
  • Max. charging power from 11 to 22 kW
  • Power connection: 3-phase 400 V / 16 A or 32 A
  • Type 2 socket or attached 5 m Type 2 charging cable
  • RFID authentication
  • Data communication acc. to OCPP 1.6 (J)

For your business

Efficient - Fast charging of e-cars through intelligent power distribution

Geared in particular to the needs of companies, self-employed persons or municipalities in a semi-public environment, the EV charging box AC SMART ADVANCED has all the technical and functional features for a professional, commercial use for charging your electric vehicles


These features include secure and convenient access control via RFID/NFC, mobile app or powerline communication directly with the car. In addition, MID-compliant recording of charging data and secure back-end communication via OCPP 1.6 using Ethernet- or mobile radio-based data transmission. Also an integrated, dynamic load management for an efficient and cost-optimised use of the existing electrical installation, even with several wallboxes. This also allows, for example, a cost-efficient feed-in of PV electricity generated on the roof of a building.

  • Dynamic load/charge management integrated
  • Max. charging power from 11 to 22 kW
  • Power connection: 3-phase 400 V / 16 A or 32 A
  • Type 2 socket or attached 5 m Type 2 charging cable
  • Mobile communication modem (4G/LTE) incl. lifetime SIM
  • Data communication acc. to OCPP 1.6 (J)

All variants compared

Compare our three variants ECO, VALUE and ADVANCED of the AC SMART family with each other and find out which charging box from Weidmüller is best suited for charging your electric car. Using standardized interfaces and versatile configuration options, these can be adapted to your individual use cases. You are not sure which of the variants suits you best? Then get in touch with us!

Max. charging power
7.4 kW (1-phase)
Max. charging power
11 kW (3-phase)
Max. charging power
22 kW (3-phase)
Attached EV charging cable with 5m length and
type 2 plug
Socket outlet Type 2 with integrated shutter
DC-residual current detection
Max. charging current adjustable
Digital inputs/outputs
Serial communication (RS485/Modbus-RTU)
Ethernet communication (Modbus-TCP)
Mobile App
Data communication acc. to OCPP 1.6 (J)
Access control via RFID
Load/charge management integrated (static)
Load/charge management integrated (dynamic)
MID compliant energy meter
Mobile modem incl. flat rate SIM* (LTE)
Powerline communication with EV (AutoCharge)

*1 GB respectively 10 years

Assembly & Installation

In the following video we show you how to quickly & easily install your wallbox of the AC SMART family, so you can efficiently charge your electric car.

Briefly & simply explained

Briefly & simply explained

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Assembly and installation instructions for EV charging box family AC SMART by example of a socket variant in the VALUE line and in addition with plug variant in the ADVANCED line.

AC SMART - PV Surplus Charging

Charging with your own solar power

Do you want to charge your electric car with your self-generated PV power or offer your employees a fully sustainable charging option? With our AC SMART VALUE and ADVANCED, you charge with surplus electricity from your photovoltaic system. By connecting directly to your inverter or to a separate energy meter, the stored energy of your battery storage remains unaffected.

AC SMART - Backend Integration

The digital networking of your charging infrastructure

Whether for the electrification of your fleet or the evaluation of your charging data. Our AC SMART VALUE and ADVANCED can be integrated into a wide range of backend systems via the existing Modbus and OCPP interfaces (OCPP 1.6 J). Once integrated, the billing, visualisation and management of charging processes, as well as the updating of entire charging parks, can be realised centrally via one system.

Load Management with SMARTcharge

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. However, the necessary charging infrastructure in private buildings, apartment blocks and companies poses major challenges for grid connections. To avoid high peak loads when charging several vehicles at the same time as well as expensive blackouts, we have developed SMARTcharge.

AC SMART Mobile App

The smarter way of charging

With the mobile app for the AC SMART charging boxes, you can use the full range of functions of your charging solution in a simple and secure way. Once connected, you can check the status of your charging box, start and stop charging processes of your electric vehicles, set an individual charging current if required and make further configurations on the box.

Our app is available free of charge with the purchase of a charging box from the AC SMART family.

Download & operate the app

Service & Downloads

Discover more information about our wallboxes, charging cables and basic components here directly for download!

Service for e-mobility

Take advantage of our comprehensive support offer for Weidmüller EV charging stations. Whenever you need support in using the Weidmüller e-charging stations AC SMART, AC HOME or AC BUSINESS, you will find all the information you need here, whether video tutorials, downloads, instructions or help via our chat.

Perfect complements

In our product range you will find everything you need for safe charging of your electric car. Our individual modules and products complement each other to provide you with an efficient overall solution. With us you will find your AC charging cable with ergonomic handle design which offers charging comfort of the highest quality, as well as our charging stations - wallbox family AC SMART- which can be adapted to individual applications by means of standardized interfaces and versatile configuration options. You do not only want to use your charging box, but also network them and avoid load peaks? Then our SMARTcharge load management is the right solution for you. Our smart charging solution for individual challenges!

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