AC BUSINESS: Connecting to the web server

AC BUSINESS: Connecting to the web server

Risk to life due to electric shock

There is a risk of electric shock when working on the electrical installation of the EV charging box. All work which requires the EV charging box to be opened may be carried out only by an electrician.

Also observe the documentation for the EV charging box (assembly instructions and operating manual). You can download the documents in the product catalogue.

If no Ethernet cable was installed in the EV charging box during initial installation, add another cable entry in the housing of the EV charging box and insert a cable gland. Observe the Assembly and installation instructions.

  • Route the Ethernet cable through the cable gland and connect the cable to Ethernet interface on the charging controller.
  • Close the EV charging box and screw the cover back on.
  • Switch on the EV charging box.
  • Connect the laptop to the charging controller for the EV charging box.

  • Start your computer.
  • Press the Win+R buttons.
  • The Execute window opens.
  • Enter the command ncpa.cpl and confirm by pressing OK.
  • Right click on the cabled network connection and click Properties.

  • Click internet protocol, version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then click Properties.
  • If there is already data in the fields, note the data and settings so that you will be able to access the network later on.
  • If there is no data present, you can select the point Get IP address automatically again later on.

  • Activate the option Use the following IP address.
  • Enter an IP address between and (except for
  • Enter as the subnet mask.
  • Confirm by pressing OK. is the default static IP address assigned for the EV charging box. DHCP is deactivated on the Ethernet interface upon delivery. You can change the DHCP setting in the web server of the EV charging box. Please note that there may be IP address conflicts if you are still connected to other networks that use the same subnet.

If you are not certain, disconnect all other network connections. Normally it is not necessary to enter your own IP address as the standard gateway as well. However, in some situations it may resolve connection problems.

  • Open a web browser.
  • Enter the IP address of the EV charging box in the address line:
  • The web server will be started up. Your login data will be requested.
  • The access details are provided in the operating manual.
  • The status page of the web server is displayed.
  • If the connection is not successful, please try again with another browser or another laptop.

  • Once you are finished with the configuration of the EV charging box, reactivate the points Get IP address automatically and Get DNS server address automatically or re-establish the network connection with the previously indicated address.
  • Disconnect the LAN cable from the EV charging box and connect the EV charging box.

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