Charge for the change: Charging solar power for a sustainable future

With your PV system, you are already on the path to a sustainable future. But did you know that you can also make your mobility sustainable with green solar power? The keyword here is PV surplus charging. This allows you to charge your electric car with self-generated electricity from your PV system. If your PV system produces more electricity than you consume in your household, this results in a so-called PV surplus. Instead of feeding this surplus solar power into the public grid, it can be intelligently used by the AC SMART to charge your electric car without draining your storage unit. This increases your self-consumption share and is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet.

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Environmentally friendly & cost-effective charging



By increasing your share of self-consumption, you are independent of cost fluctuations and supply bottlenecks in the energy supply.

Cost savings

Cost savings

You can significantly reduce your electricity bills by charging your electric car with self-generated electricity instead of expensive grid electricity.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

Using solar power to charge your electric car reduces your need for fossil fuels and lowers your CO2 emissions. A real contribution to environmental protection.

PV Surplus Charging with the AC SMART & SMARTcharge

Charging boxes AC SMART VALUE and ADVANCED

Our AC SMART VALUE and ADVANCED chargers can be connected directly to your inverter or to a separate bidirectional meter for the use of your surplus solar power. Ideal for implementation in your private home or for simple installations in the commercial sector.


Our SMARTcharge load management system, on the other hand, is suitable for PV surplus charging in more complex applications in apartment buildings, hotels or companies. Thanks to the user-friendly installation wizard, your PV system can be integrated into an intelligently controlled charging infrastructure in no time at all.

How do I implement PV surplus charging in practice?

For direct connection to your inverter you only need an Ethernet cable (RJ45). You can find detailed instructions on how to connect your charging box to various inverters here.

The Modbus RTU/TCP interfaces of our AC SMART VALUE and ADVANCED are used for PV surplus charging with the help of an additional energy meter . You will also find the required bidirectional meter with us. Detailed instructions on how to connect an additional bidirectional meter to your charging box and a list of all compatible bidirectional meters can be found here.

What are the variants of the PV surplus charging?

As you know, the sun does not shine constantly. Therefore, the amount of electricity generated by your PV system fluctuates over the course of a year. But even within a day, the solar power generated varies considerably. In order to make ideal use of the available solar power, we have integrated various PV modes into our products. You can easily switch between these in our AC SMART app or in SMARTcharge:

Pure PV

In Pure PV mode, you charge exclusively with the surplus electricity from your PV system. In this way, you benefit in the best possible way from all the advantages of the PV surplus charging. However, there may be charging pauses in this mode, as your electric car needs a certain amount of electricity to charge. If this limit is not reached, your charging process is paused until your PV system produces sufficient surplus solar power again.

Mixed Mode

To avoid charging pauses, we have integrated the mixed mode. This works as follows. You define the minimum charging power with which your electric car should be charged. If not enough surplus solar power is produced by your PV system, your electric car will automatically charge using a combination of solar power and electricity from the grid. This guarantees a constant charging process. If your PV system produces sufficient or more solar power, your electric car will be charged with the entire available power.

Booster mode

There are situations where things have to happen quickly. It is precisely for such situations that we have integrated the booster mode. Here you have two options for charging with full charging power. Either you define the exact target amount of energy you need or the time span in which your electric car should be charged at full charging power. This does not take into account whether the electricity comes from your PV system or from the electricity grid. As soon as the time period has elapsed or your electric car has charged the defined amount of energy, the charging process automatically switches to Pure PV or Mixed mode, depending on your settings.

Perfect complements

In our product range you will find everything you need for safe charging of your electric car. Our individual modules and products complement each other to provide you with an efficient overall solution. With us you will find your AC charging cable with ergonomic handle design which offers charging comfort of the highest quality, as well as our charging stations - wallbox family AC SMART- which can be adapted to individual applications by means of standardized interfaces and versatile configuration options. You do not only want to use your charging box, but also network them and avoid load peaks? Then our SMARTcharge load management is the right solution for you. Our smart charging solution for individual challenges!

Service & Downloads

Service for e-mobility

Take advantage of our comprehensive support offer for Weidmüller EV charging stations. Whenever you need support in using the Weidmüller e-charging stations AC SMART, AC HOME or AC BUSINESS, you will find all the information you need here, whether video tutorials, downloads, instructions or help via our chat.

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