AC HOME SOCKET: Manually releasing the charging cable

AC HOME SOCKET: Manually releasing the charging cable

If the lock of the charging cable on the EV charging box does not open, you can manually remove the lock as a last resort. To do so, you must open the EV charging box.

Risk to life due to electric shock

There is a risk of electric shock when working on the electrical installation of the EV charging box. All work which requires the EV charging box to be opened may be carried out only by an electrician.

Also observe the documentation for the EV charging box (assembly instructions and operating manual). You can download the documents in the product catalogue.

Ensure that the EV charging box is switched off and has zero potential.

The panels on the EV charging box are held in place with magnets and can be easily removed.

  • Lever out the top panel of the EV charging box carefully with a wooden wedge. Hold the panel firmly so it does not fall.

  • Remove the 6 attachment screws (TX10) on the upper housing cover.
  • Tip: you can stick the screws to the magnets on the housing cover so they are not lost.

ATTENTION: The LED ring in the top housing cover is connected to the charge controller with a cable.

  • Carefully pull the top housing cover forward slightly.

You can now look into the EV charging box from above. The actuator is located directly behind the outlet. A small red lever is visible on the rear of the actuator.

  • Turn the lever by approx. 90° to release the charging cable.
  • Remove the charging cable from the outlet.
  • Carefully place the top housing cover back in position.
  • Close the housing of the EV charging box once again with all 6 fastening screws.
  • Mount the top panel back on the EV charging box.

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