AC HOME: Completing a firmware update

AC HOME: Completing a firmware update

Risk to life due to electric shock

There is a risk of electric shock when working on the electrical installation of the EV charging box. All work which requires the EV charging box to be opened may be carried out only by an electrician.

Also observe the documentation for the EV charging box (assembly instructions and operating manual). You can download the documents in the product catalogue.

To complete a firmware update, you must open the EV charging box!

A firmware update may be required to use new functions such as configuring the maximum charging current or switching off the LED ring (LED inactivity).

Prerequisite: You will need a USB serial adapter (such as DSD TECH. SH-U11) and the software Configuration Tool AC-Home EV charging box for the firmware update. The software can be downloaded from the Weidmüller product catalogue. Always ensure you are using the latest version of the software. The software has been tested with Microsoft Edge and Opera.

The configuration tool contains the firmware and does not need an active internet connection.

  • Ensure that the EV charging box is switched off and has zero potential.
  • Dismount the EV charging box from the mounting plate.
  • Remove the cover on the connection level.

  • Connect your laptop to the EV charging box by connecting the USB serial converter to the mounting plate with RS485 -/A on Pin R1 and RS485 +/B on Pin R2. Make sure to connect A and B, but not RX and TX.
  • Mount the EV charging box once again and switch it on.
  • Start the configuration tool in your browser. If problems occur, change your browser.
  • Confirm the disclaimer.
  • Select the COM port.

To identify the right port, briefly disconnect the USB serial converter and plug it back in. While doing so, watch which port disappears briefly in the list of available ports. If you do not see a port disappear, the driver is not installed correctly. Complete a Windows update or contact the manufacturer of the USB serial converter to install the device drivers.

If the connection is not completed immediately, it may be that connections A and B are reversed. Change the connections on the USB serial adapter and try again:

Once the right port is set, information on the EV charging box is displayed in the configuration tool on the status page.

Click the Firmware tab and follow the instructions on the screen. If problems occur, complete the following steps.

NOTE: If automatic translation is activated, it is possible that the designations below will deviate from the buttons. If step 5 takes longer than a few seconds, there is likely a problem with the wiring.

  • 1. Start the configuration tool and select the COM port.
  • 2. Switch off your EV charging box.
  • 3. Select Use manual restart.
  • 4. Select Detect hardware manually.
  • 5. Switch on your EV charging box and wait until the hardware has been detected.
  • 6. Switch the EV charging box off again.
  • 7. Select Upload firmware.
  • 8. Switch your EV charging box back on.

The upload process will start immediately. If the process does not start, please try again. If this is also not successful, please contact Support.

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