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For power supplies to equipment in the panel, there is an increased risk of incorrect connections because of the large number of conductors. With our tailored potential distribution terminal blocks, you can construct complete and compact control voltage distribution systems very simply. This can be achieved on an individual basis, with and without fuse protection. Due to the enormous space savings and the reduced wiring effort, you can easily and effectively ensure the supply of your equipment in the control cabinet.

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PUSH IN connection technology

Increase efficiency in installation without compromising on safety

Product innovations

Klippon® Connect for optimal control voltage distribution Product innovation

Klippon® Connect potential distribution terminal blocks AAP support the compact design of control voltage distributions and ensure effective control voltage supply for the equipment in the control cabinet. The unique modular concept can be tailored to every type of machine. The potential distribution terminal blocks AAP are successful thanks to their uniform design with two possible constructions – alternating or grouped. Cross-connection options save space and avoid miswiring.

Klippon® Connect for optimal control voltage distribution
  • Space saving by combining positive and negative potentials on a single terminal block
  • Quick fuse replacement by simply opening and releasing the fuse holder from the compound
  • Coloured pusher for potential discrimination in control current distributions from 0 to 800 V
  • Two cross-connection channels for attachments and expansions

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Klippon® Connect AWPD potential distribution terminal blocks

Our AWPD terminal blocks for power distribution combine the advantages of clamping yoke and PUSH IN technology in one product.

Compact power feed-in and distribution

Klippon® Connect ALO is a standardised system that allows for the feed-in of power with large cross-sections, while also making it possible to further distribute the power within the panel via standard cross-connections. The uniform position of the cross-connection channels allows for convenient potential distribution in all cross-section ranges from 1.5 to 16 mm². Panel planners therefore have a system of terminal blocks for all applications, and can easily carry out subsequent extensions.


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