Tele Haase – SMT components in relay manufacturing

Miniaturised device design, convincing ease of use thanks to PUSH IN connection and a wide range of applications - the relay from Tele Haase convinces with LSF-SMT PCB terminals

Tele Haase – SMT components in relay manufacturing
An important aspect regarding the relays from Tele Haase is the 600 V device approval in accordance with UL 840, which Weidmüller has supported by conducting special laboratory tests.

The compactness of the time and monitoring relays from Tele Haase being a first obvious benefit, the relay range indeed features a wealth of other advantages that Weidmüller has supported as a design-in partner

“We want to inspire our customers with extremely small device dimensions that save them a discernable amount of space. At the same time, we won’t compromise on functionality,” says Heinrich Reinolt, Development Manager at Tele Haase, outlining the Austrian relay manufacturer’s ambition. “To satisfy this requirement, we need suppliers that share the same vision when developing their solutions. We have found precisely this kind of partner in Weidmüller in the device connectivity segment.”

Customised connection systems for unlimited functionality

Across industries, the relays from Tele Haase monitor and control most diverse processes. For the new Tele VEO range, which comprises time and monitoring relays, the relay specialist went through the entire device design process with Weidmüller. At the beginning, the focus was on learning all about and understanding the existing requirements.

Weidmüller accompanied Tele Haase’s entire design process

“In addition to the high degree of miniaturisation, we were also expected to provide functional reliability in the various target applications for relays with our PCB terminals. The areas of use range from energy generation and distribution, through traffic engineering to machine construction and process applications, whereby flexible relay integration in the relevant automation technology should be possible,” explains Gottfried Steinklammer of Weidmüller, who accompanied Tele Haase’s entire design process.

“A connection system that accurately satisfies the most diverse industrial requirements is a key step on the road to unlimited functionality. To also guarantee global applications, there was another huge requirement, in that the device needed to be approved for 600 V in accordance with UL 840. With this bundle of tasks in mind, we were constantly exchanging ideas with Tele Haase to find a solution.”

We want to inspire our customers with extremely small device dimensions that save them a discernable amount of space. At the same time, we won’t compromise on functionality.

Heinrich Reinolt, Development Manager at Tele Haase

Keeping options open with respect to the device design

Weidmüller and Tele Haase were able to identify the LSF-SMT PCB terminals featuring a pitch of 7.62 mm and designed for lead-free soldering in the reflow procedure as the ideal solution for signal connectivity. The maintenance-free PUSH IN connection technology allows vibration-free connections that reliably withstand the conditions of all intended relay uses to be created in no time at all. This pays off when the relays are placed in climate boxes to monitor the transportation of pharmaceuticals via the cold chain, for instance.

Tele Haase also benefits from being able to pass on to its customers an all-round, impressively user-friendly concept. As the Tele VEO relays can be installed without tools using PUSH IN connection technology, end users save valuable time during assembly and can even leave the work to robots. In addition to this, connection options for rigid, single-wire, ultrasonicallycompressed or flexible wires with or without wire-end ferrules and featuring a clamping range from 0.25 to 1.5 mm² provide a high degree of flexibility when connecting the most diverse single-wire cross-sections.

To ensure approval according to UL 840, Weidmüller provided Tele Haase with support as part of a comprehensive service. By means of specially conducted and documented checks in its own accredited laboratory, Weidmüller was able to provide the relay manufacturer with certified connection components for its devices, allowing Tele Haase to carry out UL-compliant device approvals up to 600 V.

“Because Weidmüller kept the options open for us with this kind of device connectivity, we were able to fully concentrate on turning our vision of a relay housing measuring just 22.5 mm wide and 76 mm deep into a reality,” Reinolt happily acknowledges. “And last but not least, thanks to the practical device connection system we were able to let our ideas flow and so developed a creative relay solution with numerous functions and fields of application.”

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