Energy monitoring & measurement hardware for your special requirements

Our range of energy monitoring components supports you in measuring and monitoring energy consumption, in integrated quality analysis of electrical supply networks, and in the efficient and convenient provision of measurement data.

Your benefits at a glance

Increased efficiency through status recording

Increased efficiency through status recording

Plannable service activities and display of the current electrical measured values of the motor.

Increase energy efficiency

Increase energy efficiency

Continuous and reliable monitoring of all relevant energy/process data. Maximum flexibility thanks to independent and open data acquisition

Maximisation of plant availability

Maximisation of plant availability

Detect residual currents and eliminate insulation faults in good time by using an appropriate protective concept. Combining energy monitoring, residual current monitoring, power quality in one device.

Energy Meters

With the BasicLine and the ValueLine, we offer you two performance classes of anergy meters to meet your individual requirements. The BasicLine covers all core functionalities of energy measurement, while the ValueLine offers extended functions with application-specific software to ensure optimum evaluation.


Energy Meters | BasicLine

Energy data acquisition with an excellent price-performance ratio

The practical solution for basic electrical data that users are looking for in terms of installation, visualization and communication.

  • Current measurement via current transformer or directly
  • Multiple measurement: kWh, W, V, A, PF, Hz, etc.
  • 1-phase or 3-phase
  • Direct current measurement up to 100 A

Energy Meters | Value Line

Extended functionality of the Enegy data acquisition

The scope of performance of the ValueLine energy meters goes beyond the core functions of energy measurement. They are suitable for determining, storing and visualizing further parameters for energy quality.

  • Device Homepage
  • Internal storage for data recording
  • ecoExplorer go as application software

Energy Analysers

Receive holistic quality analyses of your electrical supply networks. The quality of the electrical network is an important parameter for the effectiveness and availability of your industrial plants or production facilities.

Energy Analyser 750

Extended functionality of the Enegy data acquisition

Standard-compliant measurements with Energy Analyser 750 are the first step towards increased added value. They are particularly suitable for monitoring power quality according to common standards such as EN 50160, IEEE 519 or IEC 61000-2-4. The Energy Analyser 750 facilitates the comprehensive monitoring of specific parameters of voltage quality, and supports compliance with all required standards.

  • EN 50160 responsibility of the grid operator
  • IEC 61000-2-4 responsibility of industry
  • IEC 61000 EMC standards

Energy Logger

Measuring devices with a simple SO interface are widespread. But they cannot transfer measured values directly into the internal network. Therefore, a gateway is required for each measuring device: the energy logger.

Energy Logger

Collects consumption and process data

As well as the consumption of electrical energy, the consumption of, for example, compressed air, water, and gas can also be optimised. Energy Logger D550 enables the provision of cross-plant measurement data in the network. The Energy Logger D550 can collect and save impulse signals from up to 15 measurement devices and forward them via a LAN interface.

  • Integrated temperature measurement
  • Integrated Modbus gateway
  • Integrated data memory
  • Compact and cost-effective solution

Current Transformers & Others

Current transformers

Current transformers are indispensable for recording electrical parameters. They convert high primary currents of presently up to 4 kA from a single- or three-phase network into low secondary currents (5 A or 1 A). These currents can then be processed by the energy meters.

Test disconnect terminals

Test disconnect terminals are required to safely operate current transformers. A wrong connection can destroy a current transformer! Test disconnect terminals provide a safe method to solve this problem. As leading supplier of line connectors, we developed special test disconnect terminals in close cooperation with users - with outstanding properties:

Retrofit energy solutions


Our EM-Connectivity-Box offers excellent efficiency in a single enclosure. It is a perfect combination of established products from the Weidmüller range. You can choose between aluminium and plastic enclosures to meet your requirements. The enclosures are milled to fit and are equipped with the requisite cable bushings. A modular terminal block to suit the measuring instruments to be fitted is already installed inside. There is also a labelled cable set which is specially adapted to the measuring equipment in question.


Determine the energy consumption of all your machines. Our Plug&Play-Boxes are a retrofit solution to integrate existing machines into your energy management. The series consists of 4 products that can measure the energy or compressed air consumption of equipment and machines in the field. Electricity or compressed air consumers that have not yet been considered energetically can simply be connected. The boxes are easy to install and can be easily integrated into all existing systems. Data acquisition and processing are simple, fast, and secure. Communication takes place via Modbus/TCP



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