Pinpoint adjustment for wafer-thin foils

In a 6-mm series terminal format, the TERMOPTO solidstate relay supports the precise adjustment of technological controls in the foil rolling process of world market leader, Achenbach Buschhütten.

Pinpoint adjustment for wafer-thin foils

Wafer-thin foils – Aschenbach Buschhütten, Germany

The aluminium and copper foils used in composite packaging or battery production are wafer thin. During production they are processed by rollers, which squeeze them down to micrometre range.

In order to achieve a result that is consistently accurate, especially regarding foil planarity and foil thickness, high roller precision is the most important priority. At Achenbach Buschhütten GmbH, the heavyweight rollers, which have a width of up to 2.20 m, are aligned for ultimate precision by adjusted cylinders.

Our Magnescale position measuring system operates with a resolution up to 0.5 μm and uses a voltage level of 5 V for the digital control signals. We needed a reliable product for reprocessing this signal, which converts it to the 24V level of our OPTIROLL® automation system," explains Tim Schuhmacher, electrical engineer at Achenbach, on the requirements of his application. "Weidmüller's TERMOPTO solid state relay has proven to be the best possible link."

Reliability is the topmost priority

With TERMOPTO, Weidmüller offers a compact electronic alternative to electromechanical relay modules, which really comes into its own when the highest possible degree of reliability is required. The solid-state relay, which comes in a series of terminal formats, simultaneously isolates the potential and conditions the signal. This saves space, reduces service overheads and increases the availability of the facility.

"Up to 15 months elapse from the planning of a rolling mill to its final delivery to the customer," says Schuhmacher about the lead time of his projects. "Of course, after final handover everything should run smoothly and the plant should ramp up to full production as soon as possible within the scope of the contractual warranties. Our customers can look forward to a service life of several decades with our rolling mills. Accordingly, we make sure that every component used scores top marks for durability and performance."

The long-term reliability of TERMOPTO modules is due primarily to the wear-free semi-conductor switches and the extensive, protective circuitry. In addition, the LED status indicator issues continuous information via the respective switching state. "As well as the high level of reliability, we were won over, from a purely practical viewpoint, by the compact form of the TERMOPTO solid-state relay," concludes Schuhmacher. "The narrow modules fit exactly into our switch cabinets so that we can plan them in without problem."

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