Terminal blocks with electronic components

For the measurement and wiring of signals such as temperature measurements by means of temperature sensors (thermoelectric voltage) or other digital and analog signals, our terminal blocks with electronic components are a smart solution. Depending on the type of sensor, signal or circuit, we offer terminals with integrated resistor, varistor, adjustable potentiometer (poti), diode or blocking diode (diode 1N4007), light-emitting diode (LED for the status indication or status signalling) or also empty housings for individual assembly with your own electronic components.

Measurements of temperature voltages with a thermocouple can be realized via our thermocouple terminal blocks. For this purpose, depending on the type, different variants are available to connect the thermocouple compensating wires. With our component terminal blocks in various connection technologies and the extensive range of accessories, you can master any challenge within your electrical cabinet.

Product range

Our product range for terminal blocks with electronic components

PUSH IN Technology

Thanks to the extensive range of accessories and the various cross-connection options, you can solve any requirement perfectly with our diode terminal blocks, LED terminal blocks and component terminal blocks in PUSH IN connection technology.

Tension clamp connection

Component terminal blocks with proven tension clamp technology are suitable for particularly compact but nevertheless clearly arranged control cabinet building. Its incredibly high degree of flexibility makes the tension clamp an excellent connection alternative for the electrical connection of flexible and solid wires.

Screw connection

The high reliability and wide range of variants of component terminal blocks with clamping yoke connection technology provide relief in planning and maximum safety in operation with and without wire end ferrules.

Product innovations of the terminal blocks with electronic components

Solve electronic switching tasks individually and flexibly

Klippon® Connect A2T 2.5 EM terminal blocks with electronic components

In industrial control panels, the smallest electronic components often have to be integrated to protect sensitive electronics, to connect components, to visualise operating states, and much more. Furthermore, maximum flexibility is required for the individual design of circuits.

Our terminal blocks with integrated electronic components provide a space-saving way of integrating important functions into circuits. The standard portfolio includes terminals with integrated diodes, resistors and LEDs. In addition, specific components can be selected and soldered into the terminal body. This allows Klippon® Connect terminals with PUSH IN technology to be used extremely flexibly for a wide range of switching tasks.

Solve electronic switching tasks individually and flexibly
  • Maximum flexibility due to designs with and without integrated electronic components
  • Highest security for components against voltage peaks and overvoltage
  • Multifunctional separation area for individual applications

Special spacer plate designed

Spacer plate has an innovative design with the same shapeof terminal which can meet the space required by thecustomer's own welding components, but also contributeto heat dissipation, thus increase the available current. Thespacer plate is also designed as a detachable structurein the middle, allowing space expansion when largercomponents are installed. Even in the need to jumping withcross-connector can also be free installation.

Function Description

Detect earth faults easily and reliably

Klippon® Connect earth-wire disconnect terminal block

Earth-wire disconnect terminal helps detect earth faults and enables the earthing of the auxiliary circuit to be disconnected. The different kind of operation status is indicated by a red and green LED. You will find a complete description of the functionallity and an overview of the respective operating states in the download area.

Detect earth faults easily and reliably
Product features and benefits
  • Integrated LED status indicator
  • Increased turbine availability
  • Simple and safe separation
  • Detection of creeping earth faults

Wiring of thermocouples via thermocouple terminal blocks

Thermocouple Terminal blocks are specially designed for the transmission of very small voltages in temperature measuring circuits. Special current bars ensure that no false signals are transmitted within the terminal block when temperature differences between the positive and negative paths exist. This high measuring precision is required, for example, in aircraft engine test rigs, complicated chemical processes and controllers.

Wiring of thermocouples via thermocouple terminal blocks
  • Thermocouples according to IEC 584 (DIN 43710)
  • Variants for TYPE K, TYPE T, TYPE J, TYPE SR, TYPE B. TYPE E and TYPE N
  • Baying width of 10 mm
  • Clear identification of the thermocouple

Structure of a temperature measuring circuit

The thermocouple terminals shown in the measuring circuit are used for the thermoelectric transmission of the thermoelectric voltage from the thermocouple to the reference junction and the indication unit via the compensating wire. Thermocouple terminals are required for constructing a temperature measuring circuit.

Download to our terminal blocks with components for the DIN rail

On the website Engineering Data you will find an extensive selection of downloads related to CAT data. For the quick integration of our products into your design, a wide range of digital product data is available for engineering systems such as EPLAN (EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Pro Panel), Zuken E3.series, WSCAD and many others. These data allow a precise representation of terminal blocks with electronic components such as double-level diode terminals, terminals with diodes, resistor, varistor, or even for measurements with thermocouple in 3D and show all relevant electrotechnical and operational characteristics.

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