Working with our tool, that’s the new rule

Develop superpowers for cutting through copper and aluminium conductors. With our professional cutting tools, you can work faster and more precisely than ever before. ou even complete demanding cutting tasks without much effort – regardless of the cable cross-section and the installation environment. We ensure this with optimally shaped cutting edges, sophisticated mechanics, and perfect ergonomics. No matter what you have in mind: you will find the right professional tool for your next challenge in our range.

The benefits at a glance

Endless power

Endless power

The ergonomic design of our tools allow you to work for longer periods without getting tired. This increases work efficiency and safety.

Clean business  

Clean business  

The blade geometry of our cutting tools has been specially optimised for cutting through copper and aluminium conductors. This guarantees clean cutting results with minimum effort.

Unrivalled quality

Unrivalled quality

When developing and manufacturing our tools, we make sure that they meet the highest quality standards. This makes our products reliable companions for many, many years.

Product news

The new cutting tool KT Mini

A better cut – a more reliable connection

KT Mini

In order to optimally prepare the most diverse cables and wires for connection or crimping processes, we have developed the new KT Mini cutting tool. It can be used to cut aluminium and copper cables up to 6 mm² effortlessly. The cut is precise, smooth, and straight – without deforming the conductor. Because the two cutting edges cross each other similar to scissors, the cut is staggered. This considerably reduces the amount of force required.

  • Effortless cutting without great force
  • Precise, smooth, and straight cutting pattern
  • Handy format with a small handle width
  • High ergonomics by integrated opening spring

Product range

Make better work the rule – with our cutting tools


Classic one-hand cutters for cables with outer diameters up to 22 mm

Mechanical cable cutters

Cutting tools with proven ratchet mechanism

Electric cable cutters

Battery-operated cutting tools for small and large cross-sections

Wiring duct cutter

The professional tool for cutting wiring ducts

Punching tools

The perfect tool for punching cable glands in control cabinets

Mounting rail cutter

Special tools for cutting and punching mounting rails and profile rails

Handling videos cutting tools

Handling videos cutting tools

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