PUSH IN connection technology

The simple, safe, and reliable solution for a more efficient installation

PUSH IN connection technology

Simply fast, simply safe, simply comfortable

Safe and reliable connections are essential in many industrial sectors. The PUSH IN technology saves a lot of time and guarantees maximum contact reliability, plus, it is particularly convenient to use: You take a stripped solid or fine-stranded conductor with a crimped-on ferrule, insert it into the clamping point up to the stop, and the safe and gas-tight connection is complete. Very simple and without any tools.

The advantages of PUSH IN over conventional connection technology

Highly Time Efficient

Highly Time Efficient

Compared to tension clamp connections, PUSH IN saves up to 50% of the wiring time because you simply insert the conductor into the terminal point to make a connection.

Effective process optimisation

Effective process optimisation

Wiring is exclusively and easily accessible from the front. You don't need a tool to open the clamping point, so both your hands remain free. For loosening, you use a normal screwdriver.

Fast and safe cabling

Fast and safe cabling

Once wired, the spring ensures constant contact force over decades. The PUSH IN connection is easy to handle, even for automatic wiring machines, and is therefore ideally equipped for the future.

Intuitive and tool-less – that's how much time you can save with PUSH IN connection solutions

With PUSH IN connection solutions, you no longer need a screwdriver to opened the terminal points. Instead, you simply plug the conductor into the terminal point. This saves time. PUSH IN connections are particularly suitable for solid conductors, for stranded conductors, and for fine-stranded conductors with crimped-on ferrules. Furthermore, ultrasonically welded conductors can also be connected. The times shown refer to the conductor connection operation. All connection types can be used with or without ferrules.

The different connection types in comparison

In principle you can distinguish between two types of connection: Spring connection technology and screw connection technology. Both can be divided into several sub-categories and have specific characteristics:

Spring connections, which include the PUSH IN and the tension clamp connection, enable a maintenance-free and gas-tight connection as well as a permanently shake-proof and vibration-resistant connection.

Screw connections, which include the clamping yoke and bolt connections, are particularly suitable for connections with large conductor cross-sections. Weidmüller is one of the few well-known manufacturers that has all the standard connection types in their portfolio. Thus, all connection technologies are available from one source.

Spring connections

PUSH IN technology

  • Quick and tool-free conductor connection using direct plug-in technology
  • Constant conductor clamping force independent of the user
  • Ideal for use in environments with vibration and shock
  • Prevention of operating errors through coloured pushers

Tension clamp technology

  • Constant conductor clamping force independent of the user
  • Very well suited for use in environments with vibration and shock
  • The disadvantage: The clamping point can be confused with the opening for the operating tool

The brand new SNAP IN connection technology Product innovation

The principle of the new SNAP IN connection is as simple as its handling: You directly plug the stripped conductor is into an open connection point and the snap connection snaps into place with a click.

Screw connections

Screw connection with clamping yoke technology

  • The proven connection technology with largely intuitive, familiar handling
  • Clamping yoke connections can cover a large conductor clamping range
  • The conductor clamping force can be varied according to the user's tightening torque
  • The disadvantage: Depending on the conditions of use, regular retightening of the screws is necessary

Screw connection with bolt technology

  • The established and robust connection for particularly harsh environments
  • Ideally suited for reliable power transmission – especially in traffic engineering
  • Especially durable design for permanently secure connections

PUSH IN – safely well connected

PUSH IN connections provide safety in almost every application. Due to the fact that most of them have been tested beyond the standard norm, they can also be used in sensitive areas and harsh environments. These include traffic engineering, process engineering, energy supply, or shipbuilding. Every day, PUSH IN technology faces many challenges in machines and systems around the globe. In short: with PUSH IN, you as a user are always on the safe side!

Vibration resistance

The constant spring force ensures reliable contacting in the long term. This is why PUSH IN is also suitable for areas subject to vibration and shock according to IEC 61373/10.2011. Subsequent checking or readjustment of the connection is not necessary.

Temperature resistance

Low power consumption and self-heating enable the use of PUSH IN connections even in very hot or cold conditions. Wiring is trouble-free even at extreme temperatures - from -40 °C to approx. 120 °C, corresponding to the maximum temperature of the insulating bodies in the terminal point.

Easy use – powerful connection

The PUSH IN connection technology separates the mechanical from the electrical function. As a result, it operates according to the same basic principle as the proven clamping yoke and tension clamp connection technologies. High-quality materials ensure consistent contact quality.

  • All metal parts made of corrosion-free materials
  • Current carrying parts made of high quality copper alloys with high conductivity
  • Protection of the current-carrying parts by lead-free nickel or tin layers
  • Spring elements made of high-strength chrome-nickel spring steel for permanently constant contact force and high vibration resistance

PUSH IN in detail

Reliable crimp connections

The pusher allows even untreated, fine-stranded conductors to be connected directly using the PUSH IN technology. If the stripped conductor end needs to be protected, this can be achieved by ultrasonic welding or by crimping on a ferrule.

Reliable crimp connections
  • Fine stranded conductors have a longer bending life and therefore offer more options for installation than solid conductors
  • Fine stranded conductors withstand vibrations and sudden movements better than solid conductors
  • Wire end sleeves protect the stripped ends from wire breakage and corrosion
  • To ensure operational safety, wire end ferrules must meet the requirements of DIN 46228
  • We offer a standard-compliant and coordinated range of wire end ferrules and crimping tools

Clear design – standardised operation

In order to optimally exploit all the advantages of the PUSH IN connection technology, we offer the best basis. In accordance with the motto "consistent from the field to the control system" Weidmüller provides a complete PUSH IN product range covering control systems, relay modules, terminal blocks, surge protection, and sensor/actuator cabling in the field. The standardised operation makes it as easy as possible for electrical cabinet builders to work productively.

Even the component design benefits from PUSH IN

The consistent component design provides the user with a clearly arranged system that is particularly easy to maintain. Due to the integrated test taps, you can carry out all maintenance and test tasks as well as troubleshooting much more easily, safely, and quickly.

Ready for Automation

The modern and uniform design of the PUSH IN products already offers many advantages in wiring and testing. But tool-less connection and a consistent design are also important for the automated assembly and wiring processes of the future. These factors are already taken into account in our PUSH IN products. For example, the housing contour of our A-Series modular terminal blocks is already designed for automatic mounting rail assembly. The straight edges provide a secure hold for the gripper of a robot arm. PUSH IN connections are therefore easier to handle than other connection methods, even for automatic wiring machines.

Proven safety

Conformity to standards and consistently high quality of all electronic components are among the factors that are decisive for success in product development. We have an accredited test laboratory and the corresponding approval certificates, with which we prove the high quality level of Weidmüller's PUSH IN connection technology. We go beyond the prescribed framework of type tests and carry out the following tests, among others, to ensure the safety of our connection solutions.

Our laboratory tests for maximum operational safety

Mechanical stability

The stability properties are covered by normative values as well as by additional tests from practical experience. They are verified by a tensile test, among other things. In this test, the conductor is uniformly loaded with a defined tensile force for one minute against the direction of insertion.

Contact security

The constant spring force of our PUSH IN connections ensures a reliable contact over the long term, even with high demands on vibration and shock resistance. For uncompromising reliability, we subject our PUSH IN components to specific tests which far exceed the standard.

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Simple planning through software support

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