Modular systems for highly efficient implementation

Modular systems for highly efficient implementation

Modular systems for highly efficient implementation

Fail-safe and maintenance-friendly control voltage distributions that can be installed in a time- and space-saving manner are a must for efficient machine and facility operation. With the new load monitoring system, the terminal blocks (previously installed separately) for distributing potential to the outputs of the electronic load monitors become an integral part of a 24 V DC control voltage distribution solution. The new combination of load monitoring and potential distribution saves time during installation, increases safety against failure and reduces the amount of space required on the terminal rail by 50 %.

Our load monitoring product range

maxGUARD is breaking new ground in control voltage distribution. The combination of load monitoring elements and potential distribution terminals saves up to 50 % space and up to 20% time with wiring work, while the flexible compatibility of numerous single-channel and four-channel variations optimises material costs. maxGUARD offers you the benefits of a modular, highly flexible system that can be optimally adapted to any application.


The IO-Link-capable load monitoring system topGUARD offers remote control options, full data transparency, and reliable protection of the 24 V system voltage. It is an outstanding supplement to the IO-LINK-capable PROtop power supplies.

  • Data transparency and remote control due to IO-Link
  • Maximal flexibility thanks to a modular system
  • Voltage-adaptive load monitoring according to Class 2
  • Time and cost savings due to an integrated distribution of potential
  • Simple migration from maxGUARD to topGUARD


Perfect for machines and systems: the fail-safe and maintenance-friendly maxGUARD system represents load monitoring and potential distribution all in one.

  • Modular, highly flexible system that can be optimally adapted to any application
  • Potential distributors with a 6.1 mm pitch ensure space-savings of up to 50 % on the rail
  • Time savings of up to 20 % due to unique cross-connectors between load monitoring and potential distribution terminals
  • Extreme ease of service during commissioning and maintenance
  • Practical disconnecting lever for simple galvanic isolation of the load circuit


Optimal support for your power supply. Here you will find all the data on the operation of our power supply systems. In addition, further information on the software updates is stored.

Further product families and accessories

Optimise your power supply with accessories from the Weidmüller product range. For example, by creating a redundant power supply using our modules, you can protect your switched-mode power supplies from failure of the 24 VDC control voltage. We have the right product for every requirement and can also help you identify the right solution for your needs.

Redundancy and diode modules

Redundancy and diode modules

Redundancy and diode modules

The benefits of establishing a redundant supply are twofold: neither the failure of a switched-mode power supply nor that of an individual phase will cause the 24 V DC control voltage to fail. Each redundant branch is capable of supplying the full output load separately.


Benefit from our service provision and market experience with our switched-mode power supplies

Benefit from our service provision and market experience with our switched-mode power supplies

Whatever is important to you as regards switched-mode power supplies, we’ll always provide you with the best advice. We’ll support you with our comprehensive service levels and ensure that your business is operating as efficiently as possible. From constantly available products to the provision of full product information, we’ll be there to support you. You can also rely on our many years of experience and associated expertise, which we are always happy to share with you. Our experts can be contacted at any time via our customer support service.

Support for power supplies

We offer you optimum support by providing you with full information about every product. Whether certificates, application notes or drawings are involved, you’ll be supplied with everything you need to operate our switched-mode power supplies.

Weidmüller Configurator

Our Weidmüller Configurator is a software application you can download with just one click to configure your equipment or control cabinet. You can easily assemble your switched-mode power supplies and order your customised product directly from the application.

Time-saving data provision

Our product catalogue includes 3D CAD models in a variety of formats and CAE data that are always available for download. These provide you with comprehensive information about our switched-mode power supplies and other products.

Electronic product data for our distribution partners

With our electronic catalogue in BMECat format and other formats, gain rapid access to produce data based on proven standards


We’ll provide you with full product information and expert knowledge. In the portfolio overview for our individual products, you’ll find the answers to any questions you may have. Alternatively, download our product catalogue to identify the specific load monitoring you need.

Consulting & Support

Consulting & Support