u-maker Box - Modular housing for your Raspberry Pi

Weidmüller's u-maker Box is the perfect Raspberry Pi housing for all DIY makers who, for instance, develop their own smart home devices or automate small applications. The u-maker Box is also used in scientificresearch laboratories and industrial test departments.

Wherever a lot of effort goes into a Raspberry Pi project, you want it to be securely and thouthfully packaged. Here, easy handling and great flexibility are an advantage, which our modular u-maker Box with accessories and 3D print templates fulfills with flying colours. The simple, individually expandable box fits in any control cabinet and on any top-hat rail. Does the Weidmüller u-maker Box also fit your project?

Hello Maker, discover the highlights of the u-maker Box.

Your Raspberry Pi project. Our u-maker Box range.

u-maker Box Basis Kit

With the black empty case, we provide you with everything you need to pack and attach your Raspberry Pi simply, cleanly and without tools. Opt for magnetic, practical, easy.

u-maker Box Extension Kit

You think there's still room for improvement? Increase the height of the housing with additional wall elements to create space for more circuit boards or a fan.

u-maker Box fits in any environment

Maker community

Maker community

For all DIY makers who develop solutions for their smart home or automate small applications.

Research & development

Research & development

The u-maker Box is also used in scientific research and test laboratories in the private sector.

Industrial control cabinet

Industrial control cabinet

The box also cuts a fine figure in the control cabinet. Familiar Weidmüller quality for your production.

Design your accessories with our 3D print templates

We know: Makers have access to 3D printers and enjoy using their equipment according to their own ideas. Join the 3D printing community and produce any u-maker Box accessory yourself.

Our Weidmüller u-maker Box 3D print templates on thingiverse and printables offer you a wide range of options. Use it as a basis for your individual ideas.

Do you already know our Weidmüller software?

Software tools for IoT makers

Software tools for IoT makers

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Your Raspberry Pi project is running successfully and you would now like to visualize the data running on it? Are you thinking about integrating Machine Learning but don't have access to a suitable program or the necessary programming skills?

We have the solution: Connect your RasPi project via our easyConnect Service Platform and test the various Weidmüller software tools such as PROCON Web and AutoML for 90 days free of charge.

For IoT pioneers: Weidmüller operating system u-OS is coming

For IoT pioneers: Weidmüller operating system u-OS is coming

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Are you a maker with advanced ambitions and looking for a Linux-based, open and independent operating system with which you can take your Raspberry Pi project to a new IoT level with your own or 3rd party applications via root access? With u-OS, we are ushering in a new era of smart production, automation and integration for our industrial customers. We will soon be launching the u-OS Community Edition, with which you can also use the advantages for your Raspberry Pi project free of charge.

Don't want to miss the u-OS launch?

We will be happy to notify you as soon as the u-OS Community Edition for your Raspberry Pi is available. If you answer five questions about your planned area of application in advance, we will give you access even before the official launch. Look forward to the u-OS Tech Preview and be one step ahead of your maker buddies. :)

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