BR/SUxxxUC Series

UL 489 and UL 1077 – AC/DC Rated Miniature Circuit Breakers

BR/SUxxxUC Series

New from Weidmüller: the BR/SUxxxUC Series offers a complete line of UL489 CSA-C22.2 No. 5 and UL1077 CSA-C22.2 No. 235 thermal magnetic type circuit breaker products rated both AC and DC in 1, 2, and 3 pole (AC only), 1-63A (standard values) in any of B, C, or D curves for DIN rail-mounted applications. These circuit breakers are equipped with a positively trip-free snap action toggle actuation mechanism and visual status indication.

The UC Series offers rating 120/240/277/480VAC and 60 (single pole) or 125 (series double pole) VDC of high-rated interrupting capacity. This proven solution protects your wires and cables during short circuit or OL overload situations. Applications include Automotive Manufacturing, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Rail Vehicles, Automation, Pharmaceutical and Food, Steel Production, Telecom and Datacom, Lighting Equipment, and Process Control.

Weidmüller compliments this line with control and monitoring attachment modules (aux contact, bell alarm, and shunt trip) as well as a full offering of cuttable bus-bars and accessories in compliance with the relevant UL standards.

Product Advantages

Branch Rated and Supplementary Circuit Breakers

BR-SUxxxUC Series

UL 489 (Branch rated) Circuit Breakers

UL1077 (Supplementary rated) Circuit Breakers

  • Finger-Safe; UL489 or UL1077 industrial control applications, with optional lock-ability in
    “ON” or “OFF” position
  • Fully-rated; 1-pole: AC 120 V; 1 A…63 A; 2 and 3-pole: AC 240 V, 1 A…63 A; 1-pole: AC 277 V; 1 A…32 A; 2 and 3-pole: AC 480Y/277 V; 1 A…32 A;
  • Space-saving; High density (17.6mm wide) rail mounting
  • Wide Accessory Offering; Approved cuttable busbars, auxiliary contacts and shunt-trip devices
  • Rugged Construction; High vibration ± 0.38 mm (10–57 Hz), 5 g (57–500 Hz) 10 frequency cycles per axis / shock test IEC 60068-2-27 / 30g 11ms

Typical applications

  • Protection of cables, motors, generators and transformers, thyristors and silicon rectifiers.
  • Protection of computers and their peripheral equipment, industrial process control systems, telecommunications equipment, power supplies


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