Jetter – Decentralized I/O system JX3

Weidmüller‘s PCB plug in connectors reliably connect remote sensors in Jetter‘s JX3 I/O system

Jetter – Decentralized I/O system JX3

„Decentralised control solutions permit modularly constructed machines. This can be achieved with our compact JX3 I/O system,“ explains Jens Peter Tomaschko, product manager at Jetter. „Things like controllers, devices, remote I/Os and industrial PCs are transparently networked together using Ethernet. This gives our customers the data and parameters of all devices and modules in a system without the need for interfaces.“

Jetter AG control solutions are found in machines and plant engineering and in mobile automation (work machines and industrial vehicles). With the decentralised JX3 I/O system, Jetter has created a system solution with a consistently modular structure for the market. With it the parameters of performance and functionality can be expanded as desired. JX3 offers 16 input/output points in a width of just 25 millimetres, available in single or triple wire connection variants.

A significant contributor to the compactness and functionality of the system is provided by Weidmüller‘s PCB plug in connectors. Jetter used these in the design process of the JX3 series having entrusted Weidmüller as a Design-In partner for the connection technology used.

With the 30-pole connection level BL-I/O 3.5 we could offer Jetter an innovative solution for the connection of external sensors which impressed them greatly.

Michael Schwarzkopf, Weidmüller

30 poles in a postage stamp footprint

„With the 30-pole connection level BL-I/O 3.5 we could offer Jetter an innovative solution for the connection of external sensors which impressed them greatly,“ remembers Weidmüller‘s Michael Schwarzkopf, the responsible product manager, the start of the cooperation.

„The BL-I/O combines a complete sensor-actuator distribution system with eight I/O channels including a power supply into a surface area equivalent to the size of a postage stamp. With these characteristics it is possible for the users to power and test the sensors directly from the JX3 module, without the need for the controller to be in operation.“

The shift of functions from the equipment to the plug in connector does not just result in significant space savings, but also reduces the effort needed for wiring. With up to 40 % less wiring effort and a 50 % space saving compared to conventional field wiring, the sensor/actuator female plug BL-I/O is an innovative solution for the decentralisation of I/O electronics.

„Our 25-mm thin JX3 devices are fully based on the 3.5-mm compact board pitch,“ explains Jetter‘s Jens Peter Tomaschko. „In our standard model we use Weidmüller‘s single row socket connector BLZF 3.5 with tension clamp connection. As the counterpart on the circuit board and independent of the female plug, all devices in our JX3 family use Weidmüller‘s SL-SMT 3.5 male headers.

„The male headers are resistant to high temperatures. They are also suitable for all standard soldering processes. Through the automation compliant packaging they can be combined with other SMT components in the reflow process, significantly reducing the total manufacturing costs.

Using Weidmüller‘s components has given Jetter‘s JX3 series many other distinguishing features: pluggable connectors simplify handling, either one-wire or three-wire connections are available, and many other functions in a width of just 25 mm – so that the modules save space and can be profitably integrated into the electrical cabinet.

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