Wireless Industry Applications

Wireless Industry Applications

Weidmuller industrial wireless products provide secure and reliable solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, as an alternative for signal and data wiring.

Oil and Gas Applications

From the control room to the field, wireless solutions provide a wireless control infrastructure for productivity and safety gains in oil and gas applications.

Wireless benefits:

  • Long range: Current frequencies allow for 20–50 km LoS between clients
  • High speed: Up to 50 Mbps bandwidth
  • Secure: Military-grade security encryption
  • Rugged: Weatherproof casing
  • Reliable: Advanced, self-healing meshing technology provides high availability
  • Easy deployment: Deploys more easily and can be redeployed more quickly when compared to wired installation
  • Cost-effective: Lower installation costs and longer, faster equipment uptime

Water and Wastewater Applications

Wireless solutions reduce remote installation costs up to 70% and communicate reliable, secure EPA compliance data for system locations including:

  • Head Works, Main Lift Stations, Remote Lift or Pumping Stations
  • Storm Sewer Overflow, Sanitary Sewers and Collection Pits
  • Effluent Discharge Points: River, Lake and Wetlands Re-use
  • Transportation and Paved Runoff Areas
  • Potable Water Storage and Processing
  • Security and Surveillance

Wireless benefits:

  • Optimizes response times and immediately indicates critical diagnostic information
  • Improves monitoring and control of water flow over extended distances
  • Improves operator safety and efficiency by eliminating travel time to remote site locations
  • Reduces labor expenses and maximizes efficiency
  • Simplifies installation and commissioning of network with reduced infrastructure required
  • Provides enhanced reliability through a flexible network topology that can self-heal, while easing future expansion


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