Weidmüller Fast Delivery Service

Ideas deserve a quick realisation: Weidmüller Fast Delivery Service - for more efficiency in production and shorter delivery times to customers

– customised terminal strips pre-assembled ready for installation, as well as assembled or unassembled empty enclosures – flexible order production and binding delivery times for customised assemblies – Weidmüller Configurator WMC – automated project planning, documentation, requests and ordering

Enjoy quicker, more flexible, and more economical production with Fast Delivery

The Fast Delivery Service from Weidmüller makes planning easier while speeding up production processes and guaranteeing the delivery of individually assembled terminal strips and enclosures as quickly as possible, starting from a batch size of one. This also helps to reduce the costs for purchasing, warehousing and installation, while simultaneously increasing flexibility and quality and therefore securing a competitive edge.

With the Fast Delivery Service (FDS), sparse resources such as those required by specialists can be efficiently used without any impact on quality or delivery capability. Pre-assembled terminal strips or enclosures are used instead of individual components for terminal rails. Using the right combination of software and service means that this can be achieved directly from the ECAD system.

Whether in the field of machinery and plant engineering or panel building, today's companies are facing major challenges. On the one hand, production is becoming increasingly customised, more intricate and more complex, and on the other hand, ad-hoc orders with tight deadlines and last-minute design changes are becoming the norm. Furthermore, there are serious cost pressures on the panel building building sector due to global competition. There is a high demand for customised solutions in this area. One good approach is to use intelligent services to save time during the planning and project planning stages, as well as customised, error-free wiring. This is where the Fast Delivery Service from Weidmüller comes in. This service helps companies to reduce operating costs, prevent installation errors and increase fail-safety, creating the perfect foundations for economic success.

Fast Delivery Service: core business instead of a terminal conundrum

With the Fast Delivery Service from Weidmüller, customers can receive customised terminal strips pre-assembled ready for installation, as well as assembled or unassembled empty enclosures at extremely short notice. This service has several advantages: there are no high fixed costs for production capacity that is kept free, and no need for a constant provision of storage space or the purchase of individual components. At the same time, pre-assembly means that errors are avoided while also increasing the fail-safety of the products and improving product quality.

"With Fast Delivery, we are providing small and medium-sized businesses in the fields of panel building and machinery and plant engineering with a holistic concept designed to speed up and simplify a wide range of different processes. The customer receives the product from us ready for installation within just 5 days. This increases efficiency and flexibility while also generating huge cost savings", reports Björn Drewes, Head of Business Unit/Production Assembly Services.

Here's how the service works: Weidmüller offers flexible order production and binding delivery times for terminal strips that are pre-assembled ready for installation. The key ingredient here is the Weidmüller Configurator, or WMC for short. The WMC contains over 8000 Weidmüller products for the configuration of tailor-made applications. The range of products in the WMC is being continually expanded. allowing users to independently plan and document their projects as well as making requests and placing orders. The software, which is installed and ready to use in just a few minutes, is available as a free download on the Weidmüller homepage. If there are already datasets for the project from an ECAD system such as ePlan P8 or Zuken E3, these can be conveniently imported via an integrated interface without any errors. But the software can also be used without any ECAD or ERP systems. An Excel table is often sufficient, and Weidmüller is happy to help with the preparation stage in the event of any doubts. The consistency of the data is ensured via all import channels, from the placing of the order right through to the documentation stage. The 3D configuration environment and the integrated object dependencies for the components facilitate the error-free configuration and marking of the terminal strips. The software is intuitive to operate thanks to a self-explanatory interface and drag-and-drop functionality. In addition, the WMC includes a database of best-practice solutions for standardised projects.

Quick, quicker, quickest with Fast Delivery

Once configuration is complete, a quotation is created and the order placed directly via the WMC. This sends the details to the Production department, where customised products are produced fully automatically within just 24 hours. When it comes to delivery, the user has a range of different service levels to choose from. The 5-day Fast Delivery service offers the quickest delivery time for a select product range. The 10-day delivery service also covers a wide product range with reliable availability. There is also the "Direct Offer service" for customised configurations. The speed of delivery in this case depends on the availability of the components used in the configurations. All service levels are available starting from a batch size of one. This allows for the economical processing of smaller projects and individual requests. Customers receive their customised product ready to install after just five working days. Fast Delivery is available throughout Europe. Simply register to use all of the Fast Delivery services. The automated quotation process helps to speed up future orders. After completing the configuration using an ECAD system and the WMC, the customer creates a request and then receives an individual, customer-specific quotation a few minutes later, including an article number for direct ordering.

The Weidmüller Fast Delivery Service allows the user to decide whether to purchase individual terminal blocks, assembled terminal blocks or a fully assembled enclosure, providing mechanical engineers and panel builders with the perfect service for every project.

Customer benefits

Using the Weidmüller Configurator and the service package allows panel builders and mechanical engineers to focus on their core business - planning, installing and operating. Time-consuming activities that arise during the process can be avoided. After all, a lot of valuable time is spent identifying individual components from an ECAD plan, working out the order numbers and initiating the order process. All of these steps can be performed by the WMC, which not only improves the company's competitive position but also increases customer satisfaction. This allows the company to once more concentrate on its core activities. Offering quick and reliable solutions that are perfectly tailored to customer requirements is a sure-fire way of standing out amongst international competition.