The wiring revolution

SNAP IN - the fastest connection technology from Weidmüller

The wiring revolution

Topic: In control cabinet construction, installation work has to be carried out ever faster and more efficiently – until eventually it is automated in the future. SNAP IN technology from Weidmüller meets all the requirements of modern control cabinet construction. It enables permanently reliable connections to be made in record time. Without any tools and with simple handling. With SNAP IN technology, Weidmüller is writing a new success story that is delighting both manufacturing and trade customers.

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Andre Remke
Technical Product Manager

Solutions for processes in future control cabinet construction

For some time now, control cabinet construction has been experiencing rapid development. The next big step towards the future is automating as many processes as possible. This poses immense challenges for control cabinet builders. In order to meet the high demands of automated processes, the choice of a future-oriented connection technology is crucial. This is where the new SNAP IN technology comes into play. It makes installation and maintenance work a breeze.

The principle of the new connection is as simple as the handling: Stripped conductors are simply inserted directly into the clamping point. The conductor is connected with a clearly audible click. The strong spring mechanism ensures a vibration-proof, gas-tight and permanently stable connection. If the conductor is to be released again, simply press the lever. The clamping point opens and is automatically pretensioned for the next wiring. It couldn't be simpler.

The new SNAP IN connection technology is already available in many Weidmüller products – for the future of control cabinet construction.

A pioneering achievement that pays off: SNAP IN terminals

Innovations from Weidmüller have repeatedly made industrial history. This began in 1948 with the first plastic-insulated terminal blocks and continues today. Klippon® Connect terminal blocks with SNAP IN connection technology are Weidmüller's latest pioneering achievement. They revolutionise wiring through their particularly easy handling with maximum durability and reliability. The SNAP IN connection reduces wiring to two steps: Stripping and wiring. This saves time! This means that projects in control cabinet and control system construction can be carried out much more economically.

Ready to robot, ready to future: Process automation with SNAP IN

Particularly in control cabinet construction, the automation of as many processes as possible has a beneficial effect on competitiveness; errors can be avoided, processes accelerated and costs reduced. To make this possible in wiring as well, an absolutely uncomplicated and permanently reliable technology such as the SNAP IN connection is indispensable. Klippon® Connect SNAP IN terminal blocks are already prepared for the automation processes of tomorrow. They have also been designed to be easily gripped and snapped on by industrial robots in automated assembly.

Complementary solutions for more efficiency and perfect results

Soon it will be a matter of exploiting as many advantages as possible of automated manufacturing processes in control cabinet construction. This works best with complementary solutions that take into account every part of the production chain - from planning to installation and operation. In this way, processes can be optimally accelerated, errors avoided and costs reduced. Klippon® Connect from Weidmüller is the right solution. The wide-ranging terminal block portfolio combines all the requirements of Industry 4.0 and offers real added value, down to the last detail. This also applies to Klippon® Connect SNAP IN terminals: They can be configured directly in the Weidmüller Configurator (WMC) and have been optimised for fully automatic laser marking. This simplifies planning, reduces the risk of errors, and saves time, up to 90 %, during marking. Together with the Klippon® Automated RailLaser, optimum marking results are achieved. This provides a better overview in the control cabinet and facilitates maintenance.

Significant profiling for cabinet builders and distributors

Weidmüller's SNAP IN connection technology has received a lot of attention at expert level in a very short time and even won the German Innovation Award 2022. As a result, SNAP IN from Weidmüller has become synonymous with progress in connection technology. By using the new technology, control cabinet builders are demonstrating their future-oriented and economical thinking. Distributors are profiling themselves to their customers as partners with vision and a keen sense of tomorrow's requirements. In this way, Weidmüller's SNAP IN connection technology supports companies in setting themselves apart from the competition and offering customers recognisable added value.

The revolutionary SNAP IN connection technology – available in many products

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